Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my first invented "pattern"

It's so ridiculous to even call this a pattern, but i have to share knitting easiness with the world!

here is a hat i made up by accident & necessity while waiting in an airport. i had grabbed a ball of yarn (Lion Brand Thick & Quick), i had bought it on sale to make kitty blankets for a local animal shelter. Foolishly i also grabbed my gi-normous size 19 needles, not realizing what an idiotic blanket that would make!!!!! Well, i was then at the airport with only that yarn and those needles and decided to see what i could do instead. i had time to kill, after all. You too can make an airport hat. A lot of yarn is left over, so you can make a small blanky for the shelter AND a hat! And it is so big-n-stretchy, it can be done FAST!

The Rough Guide to the Airport Hat:

CO 28-30 stitches with your big ole 19's
Knit in Seed Stitch until knitting measures 8 inches (more if you want less of a skullcap look)

Begin decrease:

first decrease row- K2 together, P2 together across row
Next row: Purl across
Next row: K2 together, P2 together across row
Last row: Purl across. leave a long tail of yarn, and pull the last row of knitting from the needle and thread the needle through every stitch. Pull tightly then stitch the seam together.

no guarantees- i'm a shoddy recorder. but let me know if you try it and if it works out for you! (See pictures below)


Maggie said...

Is that Lion Brand t-n-q in Claret? Because I just bought a ball, and some 13 needles for it. I'm SO making that hat! You are my knitting muse!

skully said...

THANK YOU! I had lost the label and couldn't remember what the color was (and it wasn't any on the web site I saw) Maggie wins the knitting eagle eye prize, the yarn is INDEED "Claret". Thanks love!

Maggie said...

Pattern Update: I made one for my friend Lynn and, aside from being a wee short (I get impatient with hat bodies!) it's a hit. Her son Xavi has requested one "in blue." So easy and fast to knit up!

Lindsey said...

I'm a new knitter so I got to the end and I don't understand... can anyone help me? (i understand the decreasing, just not the stitching it together.)

skully said...

There are tons of ways to stitch or seam a piece together. is a good source to look at, and your local library probably has a lot of knitting books that can help as well. here's another site that can help you:

good luck!