Tuesday, March 08, 2005

dynamite democracy

today i voted in our local elections. the one state wide initiative is the heated debate on legalizing slot machines at the tracks. heck yes i voted for that!

then there were all the city council positions. having blanked out on who i wanted to vote for, i voted for someone named Rico on the strength of the film Napoleon Dynamite. Also, the posters say, "RICO!" in a pleasant script. Thankfully I also learned the local paper endorsed RICO! so I feel that's my civic duty in action. Pedro, just follow your heart. That's what I do!


roti said...

No Pedros to vote for? I don't know that Rico would offer you his protection. Just some shitty tupperware.

Heide said...

Yes, Napolean Dynamite! Check out the sidebar in my blog for a very special quiz that you should take!