Wednesday, March 16, 2005

uplift mofo cleaning party

ok, we're slobs, i admit it. . . we've been cleaning house all week to prepare for my husband's parents, who have never seen our joint. anyway, it's the 1st time his folks have seen our home, so we are a pair of cleaning idiots this week to make it not just presentable, but downright sparkling ass clean. the downstairs is now finished! now if only i could paint my damn kitchen! our maniacal plan is to just start painting while his parents are here and force their hands into some manual labor. i think it will just scare them off to a nearby drinking hole, which is just as well in my opinion.

this cleaning business has been a grueling affair, with a lot of "i promise i'll never get this messy again" on both our parts. but wouldn't your house be a pit if you'd had company almost every weekend this year? not to mention all the knitting and videogaming i have to cram into the day when i get home soul-sucked from work. don't get me wrong, work is good, but y'all in public services know the need for unwinding and just NOT TALKING when you get home.

last weekend we went to my parents with our buds R. & K. (Spike's parents) for knitting/shopping/tattoos/flea marketing/barhopping/boating/watching jackass. it was a fun time, except for when poor mum had too much to drink and fell out of her boat chair in front of a cop. at least she didn't fall in the water! her pride suffered more than her ass. there is still a heated age old debate at their house, "did she fall, or was she pushed?" old mum maintains that my crusty dad surreptitiously shoved her out of the seat, but no witnesses have come forward.
i'm putting up some pictures of a few of their pets and a mysterious could be film star lurking on a boat in the Banana River. .

i'll try to post more often-- with my in-laws in and out for THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, i hope to shut myself up in our home office and get LOTS DONE to avoid hearing about how "unnatural" it is that we are child free. That's just the beginning.

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