Sunday, April 17, 2005

all kinds of crazy shee-it, DIY style

when we moved into our house, there were some really wacked out blinds going on in most of all the windows. i've mentioned the metallic hot pink venetians before, and those are too painful to dwell on further. however in our living room, another bizarre window treatment awaited. the previous owner had hot glued on mauve tapestry fabric onto the big blinds over the sliding glass door to the patio and the large window in the dining room. well, that nonsense had to go. we removed the offending fabric, only to be confronted with glue stains that looked like someone wiped their behind on the blinds before rehanging them. also unpleasant but not as unpleasant as all the mauve. so today newt had a brainstorm--- we can't afford to replace these big ass blinds, so we have to get them looking like us (and looking less poopy). he went out to home depot and bought a roll of this bamboo stuff (those of you that have gotten drunk on our porch, you know the stuff we have edging the porch) and is gluing it on in strips to make the blinds look very tiki like, as if they were made out of bamboo! it's hard to imagine so when it's all over i'll put up a picture. he's such a creative boy.

we are still not smoking. it's not as bad as last weekend. last night we went out and saw a very good beatles tribute band with a bunch of people and i hardly twitched at all about being around all the smoke. of course, i was drinking a club soda, and that's not a trigger drink for me. last weekend when i got plastered, i was apparently sobbing and begging people for cigarettes. very humbling and ugly to be told about this later, let me tell you.

and since we're not giving big tobacco (read: republicans) any more of our money for smokes, we decided to further piss off corporate america even more and we cancelled our cable. that's right, as of this minute, we get not ONE channel. we never found anything we wanted to watch! with 300 plus channels, you think you could find some not-shite somewhere. but no, we wasted away so much time watching phony hateful stuff and we couldn't take it anymore. i'd rather watch movies, and not paying an additional bill (always a kick ass feeling) means i can splurge on DVD's of things i actually like to watch without feeling guilty. season one of moonlighting is out in june! the greatest american hero is already out! that's my next purchase. i also have to get slegehammer on dvd, so you can see i have plans for all that money already!

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Ankah said...

I LOVE being cable free! I've been getting only 2 clear channels for years, and haven't turned on the TV for any other reason but to do a workout DVD or watch MST3K videos in over four years. You'll love it. You'll be more productive, and probably crave a smokie even less.

Glad to hear the non-smoker thing is going well!