Sunday, May 22, 2005

10 things i've never done: the never meme

Rochelle has tagged me to play this meme of listing 10 things I've never done. . . . . here goes! (p.s. I tag Ankah (double!) and Bee to do this next. hee hee!) it's hard to think of things to say that aren't too revealing/uncomforatable and yet aren't too insipid. So i'll err on the side of insipid rather than saying something disturbing!

1. I have never attended a bar mitzvah. only bat mitzvahs.
2. I have never seen Spinal Tap.
3. I have never competed in any athletic event.
4. I have never had a bird as a pet or liked birds as pets.
5. I have never fully learned how to swim besides the doggy paddle.
6. I have never liked the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. (everybody except me, apparently.)
7. I have never participated in any "extreme" activity involving bungees, bridges, parachutes, heights, boats, speed, or skis.
8. I have never broken any bones.
9. I have never visited Africa or Asia.
10. I have never taken an advanced mathematics course.

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