Tuesday, May 17, 2005

do you name your projects?

Miss Scarlet (or Bee, or whatever I'm calling her these days) and I were talking about how when we were kids we loved the idea of naming cosmetics some day. those names inscribed on the little tubes of lipsticks and nailpolishes for us were magical and glamourous descriptions of the possibilities inside those bottles. you know what i mean, names like "mango moonbeam" or "city slicker", etc. well as a result of this love of dramatic names we like to name our knitting projects. for example, K's flips I made her were entitled "Lagoon", my animal color print ones are "Safari", Ankah's scarf was "Ice.Berg", my brother SB's afghan I'm working on is tentatively called "pavement". it's red and black together (his favorite colors) and it's a lot of fun to make. i started it last night and will post a picture of my evening progress: last night was a BABYLON 5 KNITTING NIGHT as I watched several episodes while churning out the blankie. I"m going to give it to him to take with him to college this fall.

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