Saturday, June 18, 2005

all the new stuff

i'm excited about a couple of things:

1. my brother's high school graduation on wednesday night-- this is the brother i call "SB" in the blog. Not to be confused with the delinquent brother. here's the order for those not acquainted with my family and how confusing it is when everybody has different mothers and fathers:
~there's me. oldest by a long shot.
~next is delinquent brother. he's 20. we have different fathers, same mother. he and i are the only ones in FL.
~next is SB. he's 18. we have different mothers, same father. In NY but moving to VT.
~next is youngest bro. he's the baby of the bunch, he's still in high school. In NY. we have different mothers, same father. (same mother as SB)

I'm trying to finish an enormous afghan for SB, only to run short of the black yarn, only to find said black yarn has been discontinued, and of course i can't pop off to miami to get their last bits of it before i fly out on monday. so i'll give him some money and then the afghan can be before he starts college in vermont. having him go to vermont is good for me- think of all the knitting i can do for someone who lives in the tundra! and there is a yarn store in burlington, VT (where his school is)-- hurray!

2. What else am I excited about? Oh yeah, I went and put myself in my hairdresser's trusty hands and got a head full of tangerine hair. Love it! I even got a few little bangs to play with. Yay! i'm trying to post pictures but hello is being sluggish and crabby.

Also excited about:

3. Leaving for above mentioned graduation in NY- from there flying to Chicago to play with other librarians and assorted other old friends, including my wonderful old pal Nancy who was my maid of honor. we go way back. she was the first friend i made in college, lived together, kicked out her boyfriend together, lived with an annoying hippie girl together, urinated on public property together. . . wait, that was just me. Never mind! (good thing she doesn't read this blog) Anyway I can't wait to see her again since i haven't seen her since I got married almost 5 years ago. she's a pip.

Also excited about:

4. bought a knitting mystery for the trip-- Knit one, kill two by Maggie Sefton. Knitting + murder = hopefully a good book! I'll read anything with knitting- i even read the debbie macomber book "shop on blossom street" i think it was? i gritted my teeth and read the whole book just to get knitting bits of the story. i'm lame.

I'm reading an old Karen Robards book that a friend recommended, Nobody's Angel. a fun historical romance set in colonial times in the carolinas with a stuffy, plain, uptight minister's daughter who falls in love with her indentured servant, an incredibly handsome marquis from england with a mysterious past. Like why is he an indentured servant in the new world, for pete's sake? stay tuned. i'll try to post from my travels if i can kick my teenage brothers off their computers!


Katie said...

Come Home! We miss you! I hope you are having a good time.

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