Friday, June 03, 2005

ca(s)t of characters

yes, i post a lot of cat pictures. some non cat people might call it an excessive amount! one question i have gotten is "who are all these cats anyway!"

Remembering the love that Ghoulie (formerly known here as the Grey Ghoul. Now he is to be known as Ghoulie) and I have for the cast of characters at the beginning of Agatha Christie novels, I created one for all the cat characters encountered here in this ole blog.

(in order of age)

India is the eldest cat and will be 13 on Halloween! As a kitten, she was thrown out of a speeding car while trapped inside a taped up box. Luckily a friend of our family found her and rescued her. Sadly, this friend died shortly afterwards, so my mom gave her to me the day I moved into my 1st apartment while in college. She is the first kitty I ever had as an adult outside our home and is very squawky, crochety, and surprisingly playful and silly. She growls while she eats and HATES LeeLoo, dislikes Moses, somewhat tolerates Yoko, and doesn't mind James.

James is the next eldest and turned 10 this year. He is another cat that was abandoned by sick humans and he was too young to be away from his mother, so he was bottle fed and pretty much babied forever. As a result, he's pretty needy and neurotic, and he has nasty allergies to something in the air, so he's in and out of the vet's all the time. He is puzzled by LeeLoo, tolerates Moses, allows Yoko to follow him and snuggle him, and likes to play with India. He has grudgingly accepted Newt into the household (mighty wide of him after 6 years)

Next is Moses, yet another foundling. He turned 6 in March. Moses is often thought to be the reincarnation of a dirty hippie, because he hates bathing and frequently has "dreads" that I have to cut out of his fur as a result. He talks ALL THE TIME and the vet thinks he is some sort of Maine Coone mix. He also chews on his own whiskers and loves to knead your more delicate parts in the night. He is given wide berth by all the other kitties, probably because he likes to swat them on the butts all the time and never stops meowing at them. His closest buddy was the departed Azrael, and has not had a real little buddy since then.

LeeLoo is 3 and was adopted last Dec from our local humane society. We don't know much of her sad little life before we got her except she bore many many litters of kittens, was horribly underfed, is pretty much a pure bred siamese (we suspect some sort of kitten farm environment), and hates all other cats but LOVES humans. She almost died when we got her from a respiratory infection and is now happily gorging herself silly and slowly joining the herd.

Last we have the baby Yoko who is only 1 year old. She had been dumped at the humane society TWO TIMES before we adopted her by 2 sets of IDIOT HUMANS. She is very sweet, makes deafening squeaks and whistles, and is getting better about being snuggly. She LOVES JAMES obsessively and follows him everywhere, idolizes India and attempts to follow her, is skittish with Moses and tries to play with LeeLoo but is rejected always.


Stella the Schauzer (lives with my mom & step dad)
Charlie the cat (lives with my mom & step dad)
Sea Doo the cat (see above)
Emma the Cockapoo (lives with my dad and step mom)

Spike is the kitty of our R. and K., and is a very handsome lad who is also (in drunken storytelling) India's boyfriend. They have a pen pal and telephone relationship. I know we are dorks!

Whitey is the cat of Weeds and Karascat. He is a sweet yet very naughty cat who has diabetes and has to have daily shots! Yet he is still very feisty and handsome! He is quite a popular boy in the neighborhood.

Whiskey is a very nice cat indeed, when you can actually see him. Mostly he is hiding somewhere, or retreating from Whitey.

Then there's all the brood at the raccoon place, especially SPOOKY GOLDEN CARRIAGE, a very special kitty. There are more cats there though but it is 1.42 am and I can't think of them all! (Perhaps Ro has to make a cast of characters for her house too!)

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