Wednesday, June 01, 2005

hello june

we had a really fun memorial day pool party and bbq on monday and surprisingly, nobody got grunk! we all ate way too much. a lot of my friends are very talented bakers, so we had some fantastic desserts to tempt palates. my piece de resistance was an english summer fruit bread pudding. it was fantastic! a no bake dessert, which is important on 90 degree days. karascat brought a decadent thing called "queen anne's revenge" and miko brought a fantastic cake with fresh strawberries and cream coating the outside. it was very exciting! i took pictures of all the party goers but am not putting them up for display. i should have taken pictures of all the damn food we had! instead i took a lot of cat pictures. go figure!

i started what i hope to be a permanent exercise routine this morning. i bought the carmen electra fit to strip workout set on DVD (a good deal at amazon) and did disc one this morning. it was a pretty good work out and someone uncoordinated as i could keep up. the bad part about working out at home is that yoko and moses think it means it's time to play and pounce on my feet, try to untie my shoes, and thread in and out of my legs trying to trip me as i am making ungainly hops around the room. those cats! james, leeloo, and india prefer to stay as far away as they can from my feet at these times. wise ones! i figure i can work out on tuesdays, wednesdays, fridays, and then use sundays as a make up day if i miss one of those days. other than that, nothing is up with us except that my husband's mother, whom i have never met (i have only met his step mother) is coming to visit us this month with her twentysomething boy toy husband. !!! should be very interesting.

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