Saturday, August 06, 2005

the mr. brunchable look

this is the summer of all things english: my life has consisted of a steady stream of listening to nothing but english beat (with small doses of the fine young cannibals, the housemartins, and the ever present SMITHS) and rereading every agatha christie i can get my hands on. i have whiled away countless moments of drudgery at work tunelessly singing anti bush lyrics to the song "stand down margaret" (stand down georgie?) by english beat. god save the queen!

Bee has suggested distributing this hilarious pattern that has made the rounds on the internet to all the stitchin betties: i take that idea one step further and envision all of us wearing these, going door to door, and asking if anyone wants to learn how to knit a fried sausage. fantastic! i can't think of a better way to meet people. i call the look "mr. brunchable" and have decided that is Ghoulie's alter ego: he is a man that wears eggs for eyes and a bacon and sausage face. don't ask me why. Bee says this may be my strangest made up story about her husband yet.

my bonus from work came in, at long last, and i decided to splurge on some exquisite colinette and manos del uruguay- there's a great sale going on at flying fingers on select colors. i'm going to knit a meshy webby poncho (from the book viva poncho)for my mom for xmas and since the price was right, got some more to make it for me again too! (colinette giotto. drool.) then i think i'm going to try the villa poncho in this awesome varigated wool. i got a bunch of squares done on the colorblind afghan (newt thinks the fluorescent lime and coral are hideous) and also finished another blanket for the humane society so i am actually using up yarn as well as buying it these days.

last week's stitchin betties evening was really fun, we all got caffeine highs and enjoyed meeting new people. if you are reading this and live nearby, come on down!

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