Sunday, August 14, 2005

tattoo expo excitement

we had a great time today at the 10th annual south florida tattoo expo. if you've never been, it's quite a treat. it always buoys my spirits to see herds of people with mohawks again. makes me feel like i'm back in the 80's!!! Katie got some more floral delights added to her soon to be sleeve from the fabulous laura rachel of against the grain in melbourne. it was looking great when we left- newt was too hungry to hang around for the whole tattoo. also in the news, ron has almost finished our logo (and tattoo design) for the stitchin betties. it looks SO GOOD! i saw it last night and was blown away by how cool it is! excitement building!

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azxure said...

I wish I had posted a while ago. We went, buto nly for a couple of hours, to pick up some goodies for DH for work, and I got some new jewelry, but I'd have loved to meet some people there other than just run errands lol