Sunday, October 23, 2005

brace yerself!

You know I usually scoff at hurricane panic, and we've always weathered them out with no ill consequences, but i'm a tiny bit concerned right now. i knew i should have just stuck to knitting tonight and not checked the news, dammit!

"For Broward County, this is a much stronger storm than Katrina and Rita earlier this year or Frances and Jeanne last year," said Tony Carper, Broward's emergency management director. "None of the storms this year or last year had sustained hurricane-force winds, and I think a lot of people will be unpleasantly surprised by what is in store for us." full story

and how about this panicky lead story?

"Broward County will likely take the hardest hit from a hurricane than at any time in more than 40 years when Wilma moves through the area over the next 24 hours, emergency management officials warned Sunday evening." (bold emphasis mine, full story

Well, the Betties aren't knitting tomorrow night for the 1st time since their inception in June. That bites! I've already knitted 2 chemo caps, a washcloth, a baby hat, and 2 kitty wontons this weekend, since not a lot is going on while everyone waits for slowpoke wilma to whip it up. i'll post pictures of the cats playing with their new wontons later- they are a BIG hit and if you were wondering what to make the cats in your life, our cats highly recommend some wooly wontons!

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Maggie said...

Hold on tight! Don't let that big bad Wilma blow yer house down!