Sunday, November 06, 2005

adventures in baby-knitting

newt's boss (a fantastic man) and his wife (a fantastic and lovely woman) are having twin boys! i thought i'd knit the new twins some little fuzzy hats. There's no way i can make 2 blankets in the next 6 months. i'm still dragging along with a blanket for a co-worker's baby due on Thanksgiving. the shower is today-- i'm bringing pumpkin pie cake instead of the damn blanket. the damn blanket. . . it's knit with a strand of turquoise and a strand of royal purple Lion Brand Microfiber--- what a bitch to knit with! the yarn separates, tangles, snags, knots, and has a mind of its own. Too bad, because it feels super nice and is an easy care fiber for new moms- machine wash & dry. however, I'll never knit with it again! it's a major pain in the ass. luckily, besides the pumpkin pie cake, i have a little baby cap i knit them that i can hand over at the shower today, along with a photo of the almost complete blanket, and a really cute onesie from hot topic with YODA on it.

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Katie said...

I miss you.