Sunday, November 27, 2005

bauhaus knitting is complete!

bee and i had a blast at bauhaus last night. check out our knitted wraps we made for the show. (now we're trying to goth all our knitting out- so are the fine folks at the anti-craft) anyway, our stoles/wraps/capelets were popular with the touchy feely crowd- strange men were rubbing us unwantedly during the night, and we had to flee one pesky man who was, besides obscenely nasty, OBSESSED in a most unsavoury way with the fact we knitted the capelets. GROSS! he appeared to have a knitting fetish, and not in a stash acquiring way. other than that, the band was great, the people watching was top notch, the drinks strong yet expensive. woo hoo! thanksgiving was fun! newt's killer menu included:

*apple cinnamon glazed turkey
*brussel sprouts in pecan butter
*glazed maple carrots
*pears poached in a red wine sauce
*pumpkin flan

*and of course, the usual suspects of mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, cranberry relish, gravy.

DELICIOUS! (contact me if any of these dishes sound appealing, i could shoot the recipe your way)

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