Sunday, March 12, 2006

happy spring time!

well, it's really felt like spring for a while, but nothing says spring to me more than getting a new hair color and a load of hair chopped off. yahoo! i highly recommend it to those suffering winter doldrums. sassy redheads! i am now one of you! nothing else much new to report, except a fun night out with girls at the poor house- a bunch of bands were peforming to raise $ for abandoned pet rescue, a good local animal shelter. there were a lot of fun bands, but of special note was the final band to perform, which was our fave bartender tommy's band chickenbox. Chickenbox is complete with wigs, bloody aprons, and mexican wrestling masks. also, we enjoyed in particular a song about being riddled with worms. excellent! it was a great 3 am night which i haven't done in awhile. i've also become addicted to my new nintendo ds and spend an inordinate time playing animal crossing. now my status as dork is set in stone.

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Christine said...

Your comments were just the push I needed ... I have fairly long hair and have had it long for most of my life. I was on the Pixiestikz blog and FELL IN LOVE with the girl Heather's haircut ... so much so that I wrote to her to ask her about it. Anyway, I've been pondering and pondering and pondering and feel as though reading your blog today is some sort of sign for me to go ahead and do it!!! That's it, I'm making a haircut appointment today. And your hair looks killer ... don't know what it looked like before ... but I like it ...very cool!!