Sunday, May 07, 2006

news, knit-ish and otherwise

1. nate has a new job! the place is super delicious and beautiful. (it is also good for celeb watching. it's a fact: both pamela anderson and paul mccartney eat there whenever in town. probably not together.) come visit us and we'll go eat some of his cooking!

2. i finished NICKY! i'm putting the fringe on now. it's awesome, if i do say so myself. i'll post a pic after i finish the fringing process.

3. the betties are celebrating their one year anniversary in june with food and drink. we now have 40 members, with anywhere from 10-15 showing up weekly for knitting. woo hoo!

4. Chi Chi has her last obedience school class next week and i am more excited about the proposed photo shoot held at class with a little graduation cap than i am by her actually graduating. her teacher is so nice to let us graduate, because chee*wee does not like to lay down or let you shake her paw. but she is really good at sit! :)

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Christine said...

Oh my God, I can't believe he works at Sublime! I'm a vegetarian (have been for 17 years) and it is my FAVORITE place to go eat great vegetarian food!