Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i know!

i am such a dork, i never post anymore. then i had to go get mixed up with 2 new hobbies. argh!


Thank Sarah and Debbie, they are the ones who set me on these new adventures!

more later. i have to play postcrossing now!


Heidi said...

Hey look me up on Geocaching sometime. I'm Chromeo and the Tektress (well my husband is Chromeo--you get it). We haven't done any caches down your way, but some in Illinois if you ever get back up there. Oh the wacky stuff I like to leave in caches. Like knitted nose warmers!

Christine said...

Well you KNOW I had to click on the links and check them out ... so now guess who's also postcrossing? HA HA!! I'm actually sitting at my desk at work right now writing out the postcard. I can't wait to see what I receive from where. SO COOL!! Thanks for turning me on to it.


Sar-rah-ra-BOOM-de-AYE! said...

You're very welcome :)
I never post anymore!! I wish it was because I was doing something cool and not unpacking!! Now what is this postcrossing... uh-oh... =)


metal and knit said...

Its not hard to get side tracked is it

I wish I could focus back where I should be

yvy said...

hello there!! greetings from another postcrosser... :) just wanted to pop by and say HELLO!! how is your postcrossing coming along?

Joshua said...

just got into geocaching myself. can't wait to get out of state and do some serious caching.