Monday, December 18, 2006

thank you baranpower!

my longtime partner in celeb gossip, baranpower, has introduced me to the addictive world of fafarazzi, much as she introduced me to kenneth anger's hollywood babylon years ago! (still one of my top ranked reads of all time!) anyway, she has the best team name in the game (louella parsons project!)

my league is named "celebrity homework squad" in homage of the scads of tabloids my buds and i read and call our "homework". my team (harlow's hitters) is in tribute of the golden age of hollywood (a passion of mine) and, so far my best players are lindsey lohan and pete doherty, both good contributors of scandal and mayhem. fellow gossip aficionada and knitter beckster is in 1st place with the new mel gibson paternity claim. i'm counting on some of my other big hitters (madonna, eva longoria, prince william, etc) to get me back in 1st place!

PS: no knitting to be posted at this time since most of what i've done are gifts for people who read the blog!


Daniel said...

Go Mighty Cougars!

Mighty Cougars rule!
The Confidentials drool!

Maggie said...

Whee! I'm glad you are now hooked! We'll have to be in a league together soon.

Anonymous said...

The new fantasy leagues are, well... fantastic. The blog today ranks a few of the top ones based on traffic to the site and growth. These leagues are going to really chew up my time. Check out the post...