Tuesday, February 20, 2007

hello there from neptuneland

i haven't been on much. yeah.

so newt and i have little mp3 players now. we are immersed in locating copyright-free audiobooks to download for free. (thanks to rose, who turned us on to that site!)

when not out walking the dogs slowly through the construction site surrounding our home, listening to PRI stuff on the new gadget, or even a knitting podcast, we've/i've:
*had our wonderful annual UK friends to visit for the last week,
*visited NASA (no commemorative diapers available in their gift shop yet),
*had the dogs pics taken by a pet photographer,
*read peter & the starcatchers,
*spent hours in the kitty-cat ER hospital ward with our 14 year old baby India, who got into a ruckus with LeeLoo and got an abcess on her leg. i'd tell you more but you'd barf!
*knitted a bunch of caps for charity,
*and even a trekkie washcloth for the forthcoming McGowan baby. i'd show you the picture, but apparently flickr is having some issues at the moment. maybe later!

and i have been so submerged in veronica mars that not much else has been going on in my evenings at home. blast you, maggie! you are always getting me addicted to the most fantastic TV/books/websites/music ever!

seriously. i cannot get enough veronica mars. and now i've spread the virus across the sea: our guests are perusing Amazon UK as we speak in order to get their own copies of season 1 and 2, thanks to our mars-intensive evening schedules.


Cara said...

I'm so excited to be a Florida Knitter!

I hope your kitty cat's okay. And, having an older dog prone to mysterious illness and injury, I hope your wallet hasn't suffered too much either!

Sweet Stitching Betties said...

Were we going to go with the squares from the Knitty Gritty Baby Blanket? Debbie reminded me that was brought up.

Think you're busy enough? Jeeze, amazing you have any time to knit.

Maggie said...

Parallel lives, woman! I have been knee-deep in the iWorld!