Thursday, March 15, 2007

i'm back from outer space

not really. i just had a bad enough cold (thanks, 20 degrees and snowy IL!) that i felt like my brain was in outer space, while my body was rotting away somewhere on earth. yecch. luckily, 74 degree weather can cure just about anything wrong with me these days, and i'm tons better now. oh, and i've been listening to the uncut starman album nonstop since brett put it on my mp3 player, and after swooning over culture club's version of "starman" about a thousand times, i'm almost ready to believe that indeed i have been in outer space.

knitting news! i joined a charmed knits KAL thanks to the pirate librarian (one of the betties, of course!) i'm anxious to see what the secret pattern (being revealed EARLY from the charmed knits book, ee! is going to be!)

and, ultrasound reliability be damned, it turns out (in month 8!!) that the forthcoming mcgowan baby is a BOY not a GIRL. Good thing everything i've knitted thus far for the child is purple.


Maggie said...

Glad you're feeling better! What is this Culture Club renaissance? Scratch downloaded their Greatest Hits and is using Do you really wanna hurt me as his ring tone. I'm puzzled yet intrigued.

Carol said...

OMG a boy?! Good thing you didn't go on a pink tangent!