Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Missing pattern story with HAPPY ENDING!

back in 2005 i knitted myself a poncho, one of my 1st big projects. (and one of my only projects i've made for myself and kept!) when visiting my mom that xmas, she wore it out on breezy evenings and loved it. so i promised her one of her own in "her colors" (wild! bright! think "birdcage" for mom's happiest color choices) and began at once knitting the poncho. well. . . . . the pattern was in the fall 2005 issue of Jo-Ann's magazine. newt (he tries!) was cleaning a few weeks later and tossed the issue. (and yes, he's still alive!)

now it's 2006, and i can't find the magazine ANYWHERE used, online, nothing. i scoured all my knitting friends, virtual and online, and no dice. then i learn the magazine isn't published anymore! no contact info for the now extinct magazine survives. i'm screwed. a third of a poncho languishes for another year in my stash, untouched.

so finally, i muster up enough brain power to email Jo-Ann's customer service with my sad story, and receive a very nice message 2 days later to call a toll-free number for further assistance. i make the call and as i describe the poncho and the issue, the extremely kind woman says, "oh yeah, i've got the issue right here in my lap. i found the pattern--why don't i send you the ENTIRE ARTICLE with all 8 poncho patterns? oh, and here's a cute sweater. i'll send you that too!" 3 days later, the photocopies arrive, along with a super nice letter, and i am so energized by this positive experience that i whipped through the rest of that poncho and it is DONE!

all i can say is, Jo-Ann, your customer service is AMAZING and I am SO HAPPY with you! I heart you, Jo-Ann!


Que Sarah said...

YAY! Your Mom is going to be so happy (and super hot) in her poncho! I'm so glad you got a great response from Jo-Ann's :-)

Carol said...

Yay! Jo-Ann's our hero! I can't believe you knit that so fast! Are you going to bring it on Monday?

Carol said...

Yup, stealthy is healthy! Can you believe what I did to my blog? Jeeze-lets turn the comments off so we can't SEE them.