Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Master Wong!

Look at our new reason-for-knitting! Master Wong was born last week and is tiny and cute! (like most newborns, I know. . .) Mom and Dad are doing well and enjoying their "handsome sandwich". As Carol said, the click-click-click of dozens of knitters sitting back and getting stuff made for this baby is going to be deafening on monday nights now!

due to some boring medical stuff i've got going on, i am no longer "allowed" to drive, have difficulty reading/knitting/looking at computers for more than a few minutes, and have to go to lots of doctors and go through a variety of peculiar tests. long story short = i'm not going to be online much for awhile. i was even too depressed/tired/spacey/medicated to go knit on monday-- not like me.

at the risk of sounding sorry for myself, i'm a bit bored and restless. however, i am finding ways to stay amused. my first saturday of "not driving" was last saturday, and first i put a spare dog collar around my leg and pretended i was under house arrest, then sat by the window to watch my neighbors in the hopes that one of them commited a crime i could report. not even our very friendly neighborhood "escort" did anything reportable. slow news day! So thanks, Rear Window! You've provided me with hours of imaginary scenarios. and in all seriousness, thanks for all the good wishes, prayers, and daimoku i've gotten from my friends and co-workers. see you when i see you!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, look how yummy he is! Absolutely adorable! I'm so happy for Beth!

Anonymous said...

Master Wong wishes you a complete and speedy recovery. He's offered to drive you around, but I'm not letting him do that just yet. Since you can't do a lot of reading, knitting, etc. You can just hang out with us and stare at Master Wong for hours on end.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter?
Contact your lovin'
Auntie Sue who loves you...