Monday, August 06, 2007

It's almost Red Scarf Time!

The Orphan Foundation of America is collecting your wonderful handknit scarves between September 1 through October 15, 2007 to be distributed in February, 2008, to a OFA student in college/trade school. This is a very worthy cause that Carol turned me on to a few years ago, and I hope we can get a lot of people invovled!

Not that a lot of people aren't already involved-- there's a cap on how many scarves that can be donated this year (no more than 5 per person). The first year of this project, 3500 scarves were donated. Thanks to knitting blogs, that number became over 15,000 the following year!

For official guidelines and mailing information, please visit the Red Scarf Project page at OFA. Whip out some red yarn and let's get started!

PS: Don't forget to give the recipient all the handy care instructions-- check out these nice tags you can use for that!


Carol said...

Scarf time yay! Those care instructions are the best!!! Thanks for the link!

heyfatlulu said...

Those tags are great! I'm already cast on for this project; still looking for a 'manly' pattern also.