Sunday, October 07, 2007

smiths and knitting

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if my knitting was a smiths song, it would probably be "i started something that i couldn't finish".

however, I FINISHED SOMETHING. here is a pic of my 1st clapotis. i wore it to publix and am going to get to wear it out today too. (today is our 7th anniversary so we will probably do something in addition to roller derby practice)

i started a second one for my mom today, pictures later!


Que Sarah said...

Mimi!!! It's gorgeous!!! I can't believe you finished already!!! You are a knitting Goddess!! I love it :-)

PS you've inspired me to stop cleaning and start knitting ;-)

Anonymous said...

That looks so pretty! Congrats!

Your Dishcloth Pal

skully said...

sarah! i am glad you are following in my dusty footsteps- cleaning can wait!

secret dishcloth pal! hello!

Carol said...

Just. Simply. Gorgeous. I feel especially privledged to be able to see (and feel) these in person! Those colors really look so good on you!