Saturday, November 17, 2007

movie of the week

newt & i have been getting lots of great movies via netflix lately, and i thought i'd start posting some of our favorites once a week. i love netflix- it gets me all the old/foreign/obscure/silly movies i can't find anywhere else. and yes, my queue is 310 films long! i love movies!

so this week, the movie we liked best is:

if you like foreign films, especially Hong Kong films, i recommend running on karma. (i loved andy lau since seeing the movie the duel-- another must see!)

anyway, in running on karma, andy lau plays a former buddhist monk that can see when people are about to die and sees what karmic action they created in a past life that planted the seeds of the death in this life. it's interesting.

one review i read said, "This "whatzit" from director Johnnie To (The Mission, Fulltime Killer) is a martial arts comedy/romance/police thriller that becomes a Buddhist plea for an end to all violence - after churning viewers' brains into soft, red mush."

andy lau wears a hilarious/disconcerting "muscle" suit so he looks like a gigantic bodybuilder. despite the suit, it's still really good. great action of course! (he is cuter in the duel in my opinion!)

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