Saturday, December 01, 2007

secret knitting

I've been working on some stealth knitting lately for the holidays and for my friend Nancy's birthday in January. Not to mention all these babies all over the place! Good friends of ours just adopted a wonderful boy from China and will be home with him soon. I'm so happy for them! And they live in Alaska, so you know I can make lots of warm things for that cutie!

The big news is that my brother's girlfriend is pregnant and due in March 2008! We find out if it is a boy or a girl next week. I'm going to make them a pinwheel baby blanket in violet cotton-ease. It's an easy care yarn and good for a Florida baby. (I can also freely write about this because neither of them probably even know I have a blog.) Now I'm just trying to decide what the edging will be. I was thinking if it was a boy the edge would be in the lime cotton ease, and if a girl, the berry cotton ease. But now I'm thinking I might want it to be a fuzzy yarn of some sort on the outer edge. Hmm! What to do, what to do.

In other news, all I ever want to do online anymore is play around on Ravelry. Sweet Ravelry! Just when I was tiring of the internet, it had to come along. There are more sub-interest groups there than you can shake a stick at, and where I now find all the patterns and yarns I could ever hope to work on.

And my major D'OH moment of the week: I left my knitting bag at work (I'm showing a co-worker how to knit the Clapotis) and now am aimlessly shuffling around the house, watching Rockford Files and knitting dishcloths for the charity tree at work until I can get it back tomorrow. Grrr!

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Que Sarah said...

I love the pinwheel blanket! I've been eyeing the pattern - I figure it's never TOO early to start making them ;-) I love the idea of something plushy on the ends - how about Berroco Plush?
About Ravelry. *sigh* I LOVE Ravelry more and more each day - I spend way too much time on there though!