Sunday, March 30, 2008

I love leftovers

log cabin afghan
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Well, I've been home sick all week and didn't get a lot of knitting done- one of those crappy times when you are too sick to knit or do much of anything but sleep and wheeze. I have pleurisy, which is a terribly Victorian thing to have, so I am deriving some pleasure from my diagnosis.

When I wasn't feeling too wan, however, I worked on this oddball log cabin afghan. I love it because I can look at each strip and remember what it is left over from, like a little memory quilt. For example, the really bright spring green (2nd up from bottom) is left over from a scarf I knit my friend Aimee in IL and gave to her the day before her wedding. The grapey-purple strip on top of it is left over from a scarf I knit for Brett. The small purple strip 2 above that is leftover from Nancei's clapotis I knit her. The big black strip at the top is leftover from a hat I knit my brother Tim a few years ago. And so on and so on. I'm also getting that virtuous feeling of spending NO money on this project and clearing out oddballs and partial bits out of my stash. Spring cleaning knitting!

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Stephanie N said...

Aw! That is wicked! And sounds like a great project idea! I think I might do one myself once I get my million WIPS under control!