Thursday, March 06, 2008

noir knitting night

I'm back to my old habits- noir knitting! I got a lot done on my green gable top tonight while I watched His Kind of Woman! starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Raymond Burr, & Vincent Price. Skullduggery at a Mexican resort only accessible by boat or plane! Lots of meaningful glances are exchanged! My highlights:

1. Raymond Burr, more often thought of as beloved Perry Mason, is a sadistic mobster who seems to enjoy it a little too much when he watches Robert Mitchum get whipped with a belt by another mobster. He also bitch slaps Mitchum at one point. The scandal!

2. Jane Russell's swimsuit is the BEST EVER.

3. Vincent Price breaks typecasting and plays a bizarrely amicable Shakespearean film actor who fancies himself to be a big game hunter. Hilariously over the top!

4. Robert Mitchum narrows his eyes thoughtfully quite a bit.

5. Jim Backus, most famous for his role as Mr. Howell on Gilligan's Isle, plays a creepy lecherous card shark, who "entertains" the ladies with some pathetic cartwheels.

Memorable quotes:

"This place is dangerous. The time right deadly. The drinks are on me, my bucko!"

and (said to Jane R. when she's being catty)

"If you used that needle to sew, you'd be a much happier woman"

I give it 2 needles up!


Meg Kribble said...

"If you used that needle to sew, you'd be a much happier woman"

Bwahahaha! I am SO 'flixing that!

Stephanie N said...

Aw, I love Vincent Price!!! And I totally loved Raymond burr as a kid on Perry Mason!!!! I should rent this this weekend while my man is away :)

Carol said...

Love the new banner! Choice! Don't you just love the old movies, ahhh~when movie stars were really stars...How's Green Gable coming? I suspect it's done already ;-)