Monday, August 18, 2008

Why hello, Fay!

So work was cancelled today because of tropical storm fay, and HOPEFULLY will be cancelled tomorrow as well. I'd love another day at home with Nate!

The media is certainly hoping it will be a big storm, but I think they'll be disappointed. (you know it's not going to be a big story when the Herald runs stories that say things like this: "Michael Fernandez, 12, should have been in school. Instead, he found a tiny dead lizard, which he carried on his shoulder like a pet.)"

I'm happy with a few extra days off for knitting purposes!

I just realized we hardly have any booze in the house, but I did get some Reeses's cups, so that kind of balances out as far as supplies go. Our other emergency food stuffs consists of peanut butter, spicy chili doritos, spicy thai flavored tuna fish (for me), boring tuna fish (for nate), apples, corn chips, and guacamole fixin's. YUM! I am so obsessed with the chili tuna. I LOVE IT!!!!!! Just hoping our friends in the Keys stay safe and sound, it looks like they might get the brunt of the storm. Keeping our fingers crossed for you guys!


Carol said...

Fay was a pain! Sure hope you had fun this weekend and that I see you tomorrow!

Paulie in the Land of Cheese said...

I hope all is well down there.
I just found you wandering around on this crazy world wide web.
I'm hopelessly behind the times, but I'm slowly catching up.
Wait for meeeee!!!!
Paulie in the Land of Cheese