Friday, April 29, 2005

friday's catch up of news bits

so i have this thing-- thursday nights at our house are NOIR KNITTING nights. since i don't work fridays, i like to knit into the wee hours of the morning. here's how it works:

1. obtain a NOIR MOVIE to watch: must be black and white. must have dames, gunmen, gimlets, cigarettes, etc. Good ones for the uninformed: This Gun For Hire, The Maltese Falcon, Blue Dahlia, The Thin Man, Key Largo, etc.

2. Now knit and watch! Very easy. Repeat.

Last night i broke this habit and had TRUE CRIME/FORENSIC knitting night. I went over to R & K's house and knitted with K and we watched Cold Case Files and CSI. Can you believe it's the 1st time I ever saw CSI? I usually only watch "true" crime TV and don't bother with the drama shows, but I really liked the CSI (Vegas ed., which I loved watching to identify places i'd been before)

K. finished the cat bed from Stitch N Bitch and it turned out SO CUTE! It has light peapod green sides and a black bottom. I'll take a pic of it so you can all see what a lucky young man Spike is to have his own new knitted kitty bed!

Congrats to Ankah for her kick ass stats in the triathalon! Check out her fierce stats:

1/4 mile swim, 13.4 mile bike, 5K run. Total time for the race was 1:21:49. Came in 67 out of 244, 1st in age out of 14, 9th female overall.

splits (T1 and T2 are my transitions between each sport):
swim: 7:04 (total time in water--6:45. Wow, rank of 42 overall in swimming !!!)
T1: 1:17
bike: 48:56 (20+mph wind, totally against the wind 2/3 of the way)
T2: 1:04
run: 23:29

the other exciting news is that brother SB chose his college-- he will be going to University of Vermont in Burlington this fall! What a yankee! I am so excited. There's a knitting store not too far away!

last but not least, Ro and I are roomies this June for a conference and I can't wait to see her! I had to rip up her scarf I started for her ( I f*ed it up bad) and started a new sparklier one for her. Hopefully Ankah, the Elegant Mr. B, and my Regency Sister-Lady will be able to visit me while I'm there!


Ankah said...

I am so hoping a road trip in the pink Caddy to Chi-town happens! Regency Lady has her scarf, I have my sunglasses, and the Royal B has his pink combat boots (to match the Caddy, of course)!

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