Tuesday, April 26, 2005

sort of weird celebrity sighting; DON'T PANIC!

i knew it was going to be a bad night on Sat. when our sneaky parking spots were taken up by a huge Comedy Central bus for the Dave Attell Insomniac Tour. NOOOOOOO! You mean I have to park in the 10 dollar lot? NOOOOOOO!

so we thought we would have a normal evening at the bar where we hang out all the time. Saturday nights usually find us sipping a drink, listening to our favourite local band the Hep Cat Boo Daddies. However this dave attell business made things all weird. When we got to the bar, besides the huge bus, there were cameras, crews, people running around that are probably known as "gaffers" and some such (and not in the Lord of the Rings way), and a million people who Newt called "wanna be comedians". Turned out that Dave Attell was next door doing his thing. After his thing was over, he strode up and down the sidewalk by us a couple of times with a bunch of people in his wake, bobbing along like buoys! Nobody could believe how short he is in real life! And man were people glomming on to him. Anyway it made for a weird night-- and I'm not talking about the usual crowd of trannies, bikers, strippers, vampire goths, emo kids, and other beautiful subculture types that frequent our fave bar. I don't know how to describe it, but everyone was on edge and acting weird and I blame that big comedy central bus. it was weird.

the good thing that happened this weekend is that WE FINALLY GOT A NICE USED BOOKSTORE IN THE AREA! All South Florida people listen up! Go to Read Ink Books! It's on the NE corner of 44th and University, just north of Joe's Crab Shack, and in the same shopping center as my other 2 fave stores where i spend too much $, Rockabilly Tattoos and Tate's Comics. One stop shopping! Anyway when we were at this nice used bookstore we got advance passes to see the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy at a free sneak preview in town, so we went and did that tonight. THE MOVIE IS GREAT! IT IS SO AWESOME! I will even pay to see it again! It was like, if BBC got a ton of money and was able to do a great film with special effects. Go see it when it comes out next month!

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Ankah said...

I can't WAIT to see Hitchhiker's Guide! I'm really glad to hear they didn't f*ck it up!