Wednesday, May 11, 2005

everybody was kung fu knitting

last night instead of NOIR KNITTING or FORENSIC KNITTING we had KUNG FU KNITTING, which really only works if you know the movie really well, at least in my case, because of the subtitles you miss if you have to look at what you're doing every now and then. i'm working on an easy scarf but i still have to check it neurotically, so we watched the Duel, one of my fave hong kong films that we've seen a bunch of times. it still cracks me up every time we watch it, and everyone is so pretty to look at.

i am crossing my fingers that Miss Scarlet and I are running to Miami on Friday to hit Elegant Stitches! she's never been there and she will die when she sees all the strange and lovely yarn for sale there. Young Karascat may accompany us. . . her conversion to the dark side of knitting has begun. . . . .

oh, and i'm going to knit a baby blanket for a pregnant co-worker. proposed colors: a combo of 2 of the following: lemon yellow, coral, lime green, or mango. it's a florida baby after all, it has to have a tropical blanket! i'm going to use the lion brand microfiber (so soft! so practical- machine wash and dry is OK) so if you were having a tropical tiki head baby, what colors would you choose? let me know. PS: Sex of baby is unknown.

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