Thursday, May 12, 2005

happy birthday and also help chicago's stitch n bitch!

it's a happy birthday to be sure for ro and karascat. happy birthday you 2! i'll be celebrating with karascat on saturday and no doubt crooning grunkenly with ro in chicago this june! ro, i know we're not drinking like we did in the old days, but we might have to have a pleasant buzz for old times sakes. though i have to say the thrill of drinking is considerably lessened without a cigarette. it's pure torture to down a drink sans smoke, so as a result i'm pretty much alcohol free these days. sigh.

in other news, our friends at Stitch N Bitch Chicago need our help! It turns out some other company is trying to claim they own the rights to the words "Stitch N Bitch" and are involving our nonprofit knitting friends in the windy city to some legal action! Stop by their site and buy a cool shirt or something to help out. tonight i bought a tank, buttons to hand out, and a lovely sticker for my car with a skull (OF COURSE) with knitting needles, very similar to my next proposed tattoo. Yes, K, Miss Scarlet and I are all going to get knitting themed tattoos, all similar (with skulls) but each of us getting a differently designed skull and in 3 different locations. Yet all done by our fave tattoo man Mike, so they will be similar yet not the same. I can't wait!

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