Saturday, June 11, 2005


now mom has moved on in her quest to invent the coolest mojitos to : aplitos. it consists of pure rum with a dash of sour apple schapps and her homemade mint sugar syrup. i can hardly wait to see what her next alcoholic development is.

today we picked up my delinquent brother and spent the day with him and carted his ass to various yarn stores. anglophile stores (Ro: I bought you some Prince Harry swag) and antique stores. he in turn took us to his favourite shopping haunt, the "Super Flea", an enormous flea market. Never say he is not a generous boy. He inexplicably chose & got 4 me a hoochie mama tank top that says, "Save a Harley: Ride a Biker". !!! He also showed me all his new tattoos: I had not seen the naked nun tattoo that I am the inspiration for. Not in a sick sexual way, you pervs. It's because I bought him a book of Coop art and it so indelibly influenced him he now has many big thighed women on his body. he is all about the coop ladies. perhaps my only lasting gift on the boy.


Katie said...

Missing you in Fort Liquordale!!

rotel said...

Prince Harry Swag! No. Way!! I don't think Charles is his father, and I feel sorry for the lad. I'm glad he has his own swag. When am I coming down? For the HuKiLau?