Friday, June 10, 2005

quick update from the land of cocoa

i'm here visiting me mam because our oldest and bestest friend aunt sue is here visiting from GA with her very nice husband. so far our visit has led us to a liquor store, and i thought i better pop in and post before my typing becomes illegible after a few mojitos or so. mom has mojito fever! it's all about the mojitos lately. now she is trying to make a mango mojito. it looks unfortunate. anyway, i'm looking forward to hitting her local knitting shop, the knit and stitch, located in cocoa beach. now i'm off to settle in a deck chair with my new knitting book "viva poncho" which is SO GREAT! I just gaze at the pictures and lose myself in fantasies of all these wonderful ponchos i could actually wear in a subtropical climate.


Katie said...

I am jealous. I want a mojito!!! Have a fun weekend.

Heidi said...

Yes mojito is good. Yum!