Wednesday, June 08, 2005

what i just read nonstop from cover to cover!

if y'all aren't hip to charlaine harris' southern vampire series yet, we need to have a little talk. i'm crazy about books that mix up genres and defy labels and these books do that beautifully. I just finished the newest one in the series, dead as a doornail, and i realized that every time i read a book in this series, i shriek out loud at some point in excitement! glee! abandon! they are that good! and unlike what happens most of the time with an ongoing series--it starts out strong and fantastic and then it gets peters out and each consecutive book gets weaker, more terrible, and eventually causes uncontrollable groaning, harris hasn't punked out after the first couple books. incredibly, each book in the series gets better and better as it goes! i love them all, but i always think i love the newest one best until the next comes out. sookie stackhouse, you kick major butt. i'm yer fan. and i can't figure out which of your intriguing men that you're mixed up with is the one you should be with!

anyway, if you haven't read this series yet and i can convince you to do so, here's how it works: read them in order. you'll thank me. and that order is:

* dead until dark *
* living dead in dallas *
* club dead*
* dead to the world *
* dead as a doornail *

and if you're a fan of harris' lily bard mystery series (non paranormal), some of those characters appear in dead as a doornail, but i won't tell you any more than that.

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haze said...

I've got a few suggestions for you: S.L. Viehl's "Stardoc" series (if you like SF), and her latest If Angels Burn (under Lynn Viehl. Also, Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series...reminiscent of Buffy/Angel. And, Kim Harrison's series, one of the books called Dead Witch Walking, and finally Kelly Armstrong's Women of the Underworld series: Industrial Magic, Dime Store Magic