Friday, July 22, 2005

cooking adventures

on wednesday an old friend and his wife were in town and we went to eat at one of my favourite joints, sublime. they could not believe the dinner was all vegan! meat and potato folks can't believe how delicious this place is! i'm not a vegan or even a vegetarian: i don't eat beef (mad cow disease gives me nightmares), think veal is insanely cruel, and use soy milk instead of milk (i find milk nasty) and we eat meat free dinners a lot. we have a gazillion vegetarian cookbooks but no vegan ones, so i picked up The Garden of Vegan : How It All Vegan Again! in sublime's gift shop and i made the most kickass dinner from it tonight: it was a cauliflower/potato curry type dish over rice. SO GOOD! If you haven't checked out this book (or the precursor How it all vegan), check it out, even if you're not down with being a vegan. the recipes are so delicious, inexpensive, healthy, and filling! trust me. i am stuffed with curried cauliflower goodness.

hopefully tomorrow we are going with R & K to see the Devil's Rejects; K and I will have to bring some sort of sweater item to clutch to our eyes during the scary parts! which means we will probably view very little of the film.

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