Sunday, July 10, 2005

a lot of silly things happened

that are dull and loathsome. i am so tired, i have not stopped running around and doing shit since june 18, my last post. finally home and finally finished with houseguests for awhile (though they were lovely to host). below is a photolog of a few fun things from NY and IL. I didn't think to document the Stitch N Bitch at ALA, but it was so much fun meeting with other knitters in a new city in a posh hotel. I recommend it to all travelling knitters! (and cross stitchers, since Ms. C was bold enough to join us knitters)

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Heidi said...

How sucky are we that we forgot to take pictures at the librarian SnB?

Having the occasional drink in a swanky hotel bar is definitely a perk of Chicago living. It was even better to do that while knitting! We'll have to schedule another one of these in the future.