Tuesday, July 19, 2005

stitchin betty update

The historic first meeting of the sweet stitchin betties was a good time had by all. we rocked the roasted bean! ok, i'm getting carried away, but you know it's fun when one of the baristas whips out her own knitting and hangs with us for awhile!

never let it be said that the betties don't have a social conscience. our first decision made as a group was that each betty has to create something for a charity of his/her choice per year. last night several of us were hard at work on blankies for our local humane society kitties.

in other news, not much, except my mam got newt a gift certificate to amazon to celebrate his re-entry into the world of skool. he picked out some killer things, like the complete TICK tv series on DVD, the sequel to Kung Fu Master on DVD (a great Donnie Yen miniseries from China, not that carradine stuff), some chef-y books, the babylon 5 season he didn't have, and the sweet boy got me the 2nd treasury of magical knitting (because it supposedly has a wide range of cat beds! cat beds!)

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Katie said...

Betties rock!!!!