Sunday, August 28, 2005

our katrina adventures

now that we have power again, i can catch you up on the nitty gritty of miss katrina and what went down around here. first of all, thanks to everyone who tried to check in on us and sent us their good thoughts. our phones were dead, as was power, since thursday and our cell phones quickly ran out of juice, so i wasn't able to call anyone.

mom arrives and we go to publix early in the afternoon to get supplies, since i had this attitude that nothing was going to happen and did no prep before. the cops wouldn't let us out of the car so we bopped back home, happy at least to have strong stores of diet coke and malibu rum. newt decides to make us a delicious meal and halfway through his prep, we lose power! (our power went out before 7pm) Always a good adapter, he trundled all the ingredients out to our grill and we and enjoyed potatoes au gratin (done on the grill it has a delicious smoky taste), herby chicken, and salad. then we busted out the hello kitty lanterns and newt read while mom and i knitted, listening to NPR. she is making a way cute baby blanket for project linus using the pattern for the "big bad baby blanket" from stitch n' bitch. I finished off a hat for Rochelle that night. then we went to sleep, starting to get a lil' sweaty.

early the next morning i took the pictures below. mysteriously, our phone is now out of service, though it weathered the whole storm the night before. our cell phones start pooping out from not being charged. mom and i cautiously made our way out in search of food, since we hadn't taken ole katrina very seriously and my hurricane supplies consisted of alcoholic cider, guinness, the rum and cokes, flavored water, crystal light, and laughing cow cheese. (Pathetic, i know). we finally found some muffins at a dunkin donuts almost 20 miles away, not far from a jo-ann fabric store that was open. . . so we relieved our minds of stress by going in there and playing for awhile, and soaking up their AC. after buying many cute halloween accessories and some yarn, we went home. still nothing within a 10 mile radius of our home had power, so we knitted, read, and enjoyed the very cool air miraculously around for august in florida. then we found out that the target by our house had power, so we ambled around in there for awhile and did some more binge shopping. Zoicks! that night it started getting a little hot, so we all took cold showers to relieve the heat. we knitted more by the trusty hello kitty lanterns.

saturday mom grew weary of our swiss family robinson adventures, (though shopping for makeup at target sadly never graced those pages) and trucked on home to her part of FL which barely got rain. newt swore a lot and gritted his teeth and got a little bit peevy. we went to some friends that had power for a few hours so he could wash his chef clothes for school tomorrow, and the phones finally came back on so we called other hot sweaty people we knew and bitched and debated about who had the crankiest husband. late late late last night our power kicked on, and now my adventure in washing out the fridge is about to begin, which brings you up to date with my story. yay!


Anonymous said...

So who had the crankiest husband?

--Alec Baldwin

Heidi said...

Hey, I am glad you survived. I have something to mail you but I need your real address~! Write me, heidi @ when you get a chance.

Ankah said...

I'm so glad you're ok, I've been thinking about you all weekend! I figured you'd be fine, however, as you survived the string of four w/o even losing power last year.

skully said...

yes, last year the hurricanes made landfall over 100 miles away from us, so that wasn't like this year, where it made land fall within miles of our home. we were extremely lucky- most of the FL casualties occured within a few miles of our home! :(