Thursday, September 01, 2005

a sober birthday? heretical but true!

but i did overindulge in chocolate chip pancakes, that's for damn sure. birthday food was my dream: sushi for breakfast, veggie rolls for lunch, pancakes for dinner! ghoulie and bee had me over for dinner on my birthday and i gorged myself on their delicious pancakes & scrambled eggs. Old Newt was in class until 11, so he's taking me out all this weekend instead. and, there is the promise of a homebaked FLAN. YUM! works out great for me! my youngest brother sent me the coolest bag to tote knitting stuff- it's a black shiny bag with quotes from the movie "kiki's delivery service" and it is SO CUTE! i'll have to take a picture of it later.

other than that, not much going on around here. our knit night on monday was almost fully attended, except katie had to work, but other than that, everyone spent their first evening (in most cases) with power restored to knit with the betties!

for all those adults that demanded to know what i was going to be when i grow up, i have found the answer. Look here! I have a ways to go but it's good to have a goal. how old is granny age these days, anyway? The Tucson grannies have been up to mischief at their local recruiter's office. I think we need more raging grannies in the world. Keep a look out for me when I'm 65, whacking right wing whippersnappers upside their sassy heads with a tattered floral umbrella!


Heidi said...

Happy birthday! I had no idea. But yet, cosmically, I found something I wanted to send you. Guess I better hurry up and actually send it now!

Sounds like you ate well on your big day. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

I believe said chocolate pancakes were infused with booze. This is the only explanation I can think of for the conversation that followed.

--Galilah Ron-Feder

Anonymous said...

HUS-BAND! You better bring me home lots of jamaican patties to make up for your insolence!