Monday, August 01, 2005

thin man, meet blade runner.

if raymond chandler or dashiell hammett hooked up with philip k. dick and threw out a novel, i would so read it. since that never happened, READ THIS INSTEAD.

The Bright Spot (by robert sydney) is this fantastic novel that i could not put down. SO GOOD! like one of the reviewers on the random house link above, it reminded me a lot of nick and nora charles in a nebulous cybernetic future. if you're not a fan of sci fi or fantasy writing, no problem. just don't let this keep you from trying this book. there's enough good writing, great characters, sly humor, literary references, thoughtful parallels, and freaky scenes to keep any reader happy. i wanted to start it over again the second i finished it! i have not been so happy with a new book in ages!

(not counting HARRY POTTER of course. i am one of the legion that raises up a hue and cry for potter)

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Heidi said...

Thanks for the suggestion. My husband is in need of a new book and I think this might be perfect for him. Then I can read it too!