Wednesday, September 21, 2005

in just 7 minutes

i will be buying tickets for bee and i to go see bauhaus! a long cherished childhood dream is coming to fruition at last. it's a girl's night out- our husbands have scant use for aging goth acts besides their wives. anyway, we are thrilled to bits on our upcoming appearance as boozy old chunky overdressed gothy girls clinging to each other and burbling out lyrics at the top of our lungs. eeeek! I get all grinny just thinking about it! (Wait til you see the capelet Bee is knitting for the occasion!)


Ankah said...

You. Lucky. Beotch! :) How are you doing? Are you/did you get hit at all?

Heidi said...

holy $%&# that is awesome! I will now spend the rest of my evening reminiscing about my old friend Brian B. the Teenage Cutter who listened to "Bela Lugosi's Dead" and cut "Fugazi" into his thigh one day after school. I was there. Oh high school. Have a great time!!!