Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I'm getting a late start on my plans for my day off from work due to that biatch Rita. I had planned to drink and clean steadily throughout the day. instead, so far i have taken a 4 hour nap, eaten lunch, and now goofing off on the internet, chatting to my brother and kara online. and i'm only on my 1st drink now at 4:30. pretty pathetic! pretty pathetic! also, we are peeved because the rain and wind is so strong that water is leaking into our kitchen through some unknown porthole. the cat bowls were filled with water! it seems to be coming in through a slim crack in the corner of the wall. grr! newt has retreated in his rage to play videogames all day and grimace at the wall as i wring out bath towels wedged against the wall. there will be hell to pay at the next homeowner's meeting, that's fo sure!

anyway, in not-annoying news, we had a good time at the stitchin' betties knit night last night. i've been busy knitting up facecloths for Cloths for Katrina. Quite a few of the Betties have joined this group too and we were churning out the cloths last night! Check them out!

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Katie said...

I missed you all last night. I think I caught my death yesterday. I have a sore throat, fever, and a cough. Yuck!-Katie