Wednesday, October 05, 2005

5 years this friday

some of you reading this may remember that on october 7, 2000, you were whooping it up in las vegas at a bargain basement but still fabulous wedding. remember? we had the three b's required at all weddings: (according to my mom)

1. booze
2. band
3. brawl.

to celebrate this happy event, newt and i are dashing off to scream our little lungs out at halloween horror nights at universal studios. woo hoo! i can't wait! we have meant to go to this for years and never get around to it, so this seemed like an appropriate occasion to check it out. you'll get a full report on all the festivities!


Maggie said...

Sweet! Happy anniversary! Scratch and I will want a full report on how cool it is!

roti said...

I am still ready to kick that one guy's ass. When are we going back to Vegas? I can always find another ass to threaten to kick, given enough liquor. --ready to rumble ro

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

Ankah said...

Wait...that was September 7, wasn't it? Silly pastor. That's what you get for getting the Lord involved...