Sunday, October 09, 2005

we're back!

HHN was a fantastic time! we managed to go to 5 of the 7 themed haunted houses and rode the Mummy ride. that was incredible! it was so scary! i almost barfed. (but that may be from drinking the blood rum punch from a flashing drink that gave me a splitting headache, never mind the rum!) if any of you are thinking of going, get either the upgrade that lets you cut in line, or the early entrance pass (that came with our Gory Getaway (tm) package). If we hadn't had that early entrance pass, we would have seen doodly squat. the joint was packed! we stocked up on skull and bat related items. sadly, the digital camera turned on accidentally in newt's coat pocket, so when we were ready to take pictures of the fantastic street performers and so forth, the camera was dead. a highly recommended venture! my only word of advice: wear long pants. because, you might get trapped in line directly in front of a horrendously drunk man that urinates in public, and all over himself (and in the dark, maybe your shoes) and then swigs alcohol and sprays it all over the place. Then he might delight his dull witted friends by snorting long tendrils of snot out his nose and letting it dangle out his mouth, then suck it back up. . .OR SHAKE IT OUT HIS MOUTH into the crowd. Or his stupendously drunk girlfriend might also pull down her pants and try to pee on a palm tree. DIRECTLY NEXT TO YOU AND THE LINE. Just take it from me! Long pants are the way to go! (sanitary wipes aren't a bad idea either!)


Maggie said...

Nothing can ruin a good time like BODILY FLUIDS! Scary indeed!

Christine said...

After just spending the last weekend at "The Magic Kingdom", I feel your pain. 90 minute waits to get on 2 minute rides, being herded around like cattle, $6.95 cups of beer ... it's ridiculous. I went to Horror Nights last year and waited in line for 2 hours to go through one of the houses ... and yes, that's the only one we made it through! One house!! In a way it's fun ... good people watching, etc. ... but in another way it really sucks!! Don't know if I'll end up going this year or not!!

azxure said...

ohm an. Fish and I went two years ago with Chai when he was a baby and loved it, but you are absolutley right, get there early or get the upgrade. We were going to go this year, but I already made travel plans, so oh well :(