Monday, October 17, 2005

that adorable ankah

I met Ankah when I was 19 and she was a wee lass of 18. over the years, we have been involved in some very amusing episodes!

We have waited tables together, tended bar together, and worked as library grunts together over the years, finished undergrad together, attended graduate school at the same place, gone through many bad boyfriends together, made fun of said boyfriends together (it helps that some of our ex's are friends with each other- it makes for smoother mocking) and i just love her to death. go see how cute she is! (note that she is wearing her new hat i made for her frosty midwestern running adventures)

what a good friend she is to humor me by posting pictures of herself in the hat i made her.

i am so proud/impressed of her athletic prowess. that bitch can run! (unlike me, her lone sedentary friend, who only runs behind ice cream mobiles and rickety trucks that sell jamaican patties)


Christine said...

Your NEW HAIR is KILLER!!!!!

Maggie said...

Love your hair! And what a fetching hat for Ankah! Looking at Ankah's blog makes my legs feel rubbery.

Ankah said...

We also put our very souls on the line and infiltrated the Spiritualist Church together (after a nourishing feast of apple pancake)!