Wednesday, October 19, 2005


You have to yell it like Fred Flintstone for maximum humorous effects. Go on, try it!

Mom called me this morning asking if we are going to evacuate on up to her house. are we evacuating? i don't know! at the time she called i was more concerned with the cat throw-up that had appeared at the foot of the bed like magic.

i just read in the news that ole wilma looks to make quite a mess in my neck of the woods. up until now i had only planned on stocking up on some good chocolate (you know, the fancy kind you can get at whole foods that is so dark it looks like thin blocks of solid tar) since i have a good supply of all other edibles. Here for your benefit is my no-fail hurricane supply list i run through seemingly every other week this season:

tequila for me? check.
guinness to keep newt from getting cranky? check.
plenty of yarn and knitting projects? check.
plenty of cat food? check.
gas in the grill? check.
good chocolate? NOT YET


Maggie said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you!

Ankah said...

Good luck, Skully!