Thursday, April 13, 2006

lost mania strikes our house. hurley rules!

last year my husband and i shut off our cable, and most people think we're totally nuts. that's right- we get 0 channels. seriously, could you justify 80 some dollars a month for your cable? cause that's what we were going to have to pay with a new rate increase. so we chucked it all, to the horror of most of our friends, who acted as if we were one step away from amish-hood. we could get rabbit ears to get fuzzy local news, but why? local news in S. Florida is, uh, colorful, with lots of updates on what's hot on South Beach, but that's not exactly what turns my crank.

anyway, as a result, we have some cultural deficiencies that drive my co-workers crazy. (they think we're unnatural for not watching reality tv. . . but that's a whole 'nother story) So bear in mind we are the last man in when it comes to TV shows. this is why we are the last people to find out how awesome LOST is. This is the story of how we heart LOST so much!

i keep hearing about the show lost and how it is soooo good, etc. i brought home disc one from the library to watch and we are hooked instantly, food practically falling out of our mouths while we watch the pilot. (gross but accurate depiction of how into it we were. ha ha!) Newt runs to target, tires screeching, after watching the the pilot to buy season one that very night.

Yes, i know we are slow asses to discover this now, but i just had to share my amazement that SOMETHING GOOD and smart and interesting and well written actually has come out of TV. Yay! And now we have lost knitting nights, which has introduced more dropped stitches than any other knitting night, because i keep looking up, slack jawed, and not paying attention to my needles. (and not just slack jawed because of that cutie naveen andrews. it's just that good!)


Maggie said...

Mimi, welcome to the LOST world. Scratch is a total addict and I'm on board for the ride. Do you find yourself saying "Shut UP, Kate!" to the screen a lot? The show keeps getting better too - watch the DVD extras for some cool interviews with the creators/writers.

The funny thing is, we pay for cable but all the shows I watch are on regular TV:
Veronica Mars (now on Tuesdays!) - UPN
Scrubs - NBC

Christine said...

Mimi, the day we finally meet will be so awesome! We have SO much in common.

I too, chucked my cable about two years ago. I decided that I would never deal with rude treatment from Comcast again. I was actually PAYING for their service? I don't think so!!

So I was at the Tampa Tattoo Convention last month and my tattoo artist started talking to me about Lost. She said I HAD to rent it. So I ordered it from Netflix and my boyfriend and I watched the entire first season marathon style at his house. Nothing got that done day ... absolutely nothing. And Sayib ... is he beautiful, OR WHAT??!!!!