Saturday, September 30, 2006

hey! my butt is off the couch!

after being down and out with a very terrible, no good, very bad illness for nearly 2 weeks, i managed to knit today for the 1st time! yes, that is how sick i was- unable to knit or read or walk the dog! it was sheer hell. at least i had remington steele to watch, and harry potter to listen to. other than that, bleah. oh, and newt made the most awesome batch of tom kha gai, which i think kicks ole chicken soup's butt as far as restorative powers go. i mean, cayenne and ginger are way more of germ fighters than noodles, eh?

well what i am happy to be knitting is a kittyville hat (also seen in stitch n bitch by debbie stoller) for my friend nancy, who doesn't read my blog so i am safe in writing this for general perusal. she has been wanting one for a long time, and she will look so cute tramping down snow in one this winter. pictures will be posted as soon as we get her in the hat!

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